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Pattaya Hotels – Family Friendly Options

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With the city’s location on the eastern seaboard of Thailand, there are many Pattaya hotels along the beach side that provides travellers the option of enjoying a relaxed vacation by the sea. While Pattaya has many places to explore and many activity places, choosing one of the Pattaya hotels on the beach side can add to the holiday experience. In addition, if you are vacationing with your family and young children, and do not want to expose them to the sights on Walking Street, choosing hotels or resorts that have enough activities within the complex is a good option. Alternatively, you can choose a hotel on a less crowded beach. Take a look at some of the family and guest friendly hotels in Pattaya.
Rabbit Resort
Rabbit Resort is popular among the Pattaya hotels for its villa style accommodation that is set in lavish tropical greenery that demonstrates Thai heritage. Located on Dongtan Beach in Јomtien, it has just 49 rooms, which makes it a cosy place to stay compared to some of the larger five star resorts. Facilities include two swimming pools, and an ocean front eating place. You can also find water games on the beach that are just 10 minutes away.
Royal Cliff Beach Resort
This is another of the Pattaya hotels that is set back from the main activity zone, on Pratumnak Road between Pattaya Beach and Јomtien. With 85 rooms, including some presidential suites, it offers world class facilities and services. Besides a large free form swimming pool, with sun loungers and a pool bar, guests can choose from one of the four restaurants and bars for dining.
Amari Orchid
Оne of the larger Pattaya hotels, Amari Orchid offers five star luxury accommodation with the ocean view in North Pattaya Beach. It has a low rise lawn extension and a 20-storey tower with glorious views of the sea. The Amenities include swimming pools, spa, salon, a shopping walkway, and there eight restaurants and bars to choose from.
Sheraton Pattaya Resort
Among the Pattaya hotels, Sheraton is popular among families for its facilities as well proximity to the shops, restaurants and malls on Pattaya Beach Road. Rooms are large and airy, the landscaping gorgeous and there are three swimming pools for little ones to frolic in. Like many of these, it offers a shuttle service to Central Pattaya, where you can save your expenses eating outside instead of eating expensive meals at the resort all the time.
Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa
One of the best Pattaya hotels, Siam Bayshore offers visitors five star facilities at a central location on the beach front. The resort has recreation facilities and activities like two swimming pools with Jacuzzi, spa, salon and indoor games such as pool and table tennis. The main attractions at this resort are the tennis courts at championship level with the ocean view.
Dusit Thani
Of all the Pattaya hotels, Dusit Thani has the best locality and views. It is located at the northern end of Pattaya Beach and offers easy access to the sights and shops, besides being close to less crowded beaches such as Wongamat. Amenities include swimming pool, spa, kid’s corner and three tennis courts.
While these are some of the hotels that are suitable for families, there are many more options that can be found depending on budgets and location preferences.

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