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Before Android Data Recovery – sd card data recovery

1.    Don?t save new data to the Android device which lost data

When you know data loss from any Android device or the memory card which the work on the device, you had better to stop using them, no new data saving or writing, because the lost data will be overwritten.

You may wonder that, what the lost in the Android device have gone, why they will be overwritten? Well, take data deleting in Android phone as an example, they won?t be wiped from the space at once, indeed, the real file of the lost data is still in the memory space of the phone. When we delete a file, the file system just mark a ?blank? flag to the space where deleted or formatted data save in, until new data save to the phone, they will occupy the ?blank? space, and the original file will be overwritten. Once the real file is overwritten, there is no chance for you to recover data from Android.

2.    Reduce using the Android device as far as possible.

As the important communication tool in our life, it is impossible to stop using the phone totally. If you have an alternative phone, it would be better, but you need to keep using the phone which lost data, you need to keep the following skills in mind:

Firstly, don?t take photos with the device, if you lost photos from the Android device, and keep taking photo, all the lost photos will be overwritten, because the photos taken by phone are saved in the same folder, which means new data will save to them same place.

Secondly, reduce to use the apps, when apps are running, they may generate some files to internal memory, they may overwrite the invisible lost data in the device.

When You Recover Data from Android

If you have get ready for Android lost data recovery, at this moment, a effective Android sd card recovery software is your good helper to restore lost data from Android devices.

We can find many kinds of recovery program on the web, and some factors need to be considered by us when we choose a recovery tool:

    How many types of data it can recover?

    Can it support for various brands of Android devices?

    Can it support the latest computer system?

    Is the speed of recovery fast?

    Can it recover data in the original format and size?


Based on these factors, I think the following recovery program is a good choice for you to recover files from Android:

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is Android file recovery software that can recover deleted, lost contacts, text messages, photos, videos and call history from Android Phone and Tablet. Get more detail about Tenorshare Android Data Recovery here:

After Android Data Recovery

Nobody want to have this trouble again, therefore, we ought to have a habit of backup for data for memory card in daily life. Although Android sd card recovery software can rescue our data in emergency, but recovery tool won?t guarantee that it can recover 100% of data, so backup for data is the best protection for Android data:

1.    Use Google account and Google + to sync contacts, text messages, and photos.

2.    Import, copy contacts, text messages to SIM card or memory card.

3.    Use the official or the 3rd ?party Android device management software to backup data to computer.

So now you have an idea when lost data from Android phone? Yes, the best choice is Android Data Recovery software!Article Source:  think we will feel nervous and need some solutions to recover lost data. So learning how to use Android sd card recovery software is necessary in our digital daily life.